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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have this thing.

Even after Aspen was born, I've always had a problem with leaving the house unshowered. Or un-make-upped. I often look back to the weekend we came home with Aspen and I shudder because my sister took me to Wal-Mart and I wore "LOUNGE PANTS." What is wrong with me?!

I was thinking about it Monday as I left to teach a Pilates class. I felt like such a bum wearing workout clothes while loading Aspen in the car. I didn't want my neighbors to think that at 4 in the afternoon I was leaving my house in my PJs. There are times when I run an errand after teaching a class and I convince myself people are judging me for wearing yoga pants in public. Like, "hey, there goes another frumpy mom!"


If I had a good enough memory, I bet I could count on one hand how many times in the last 17 months I've left my house without actually getting ready for the day. I don't know why it's such a big deal to me, but it is. I especially hate when I'm sick and Kev comes home to find me in the same nasty PJs I was wearing when he left me on my deathbed. The man works hard, and the least I can do is shower every day.

Do any of you feel even a little bit like this? It's a slightly neurotic, I know. But if I can't even make a small effort to look nice, what is Aspen going to take away from that? I get her dressed almost every single day, so I can't have her showing me up (although I'll never look as good in leggings as she does with her deliciously chubby legs).


  1. No. I am not neurotic, at least in this on particular area. :) In fact, I could definitely use a little more discernment when it comes to how I present myself at home.

    As a working mom, I find that I can excel at a few things every day, but not everything on my plate. Sometimes the house looks fantastic and dinner is made, but I look like some sort of jammie-wearing zombie. Sometimes I look pretty decent, but the grocery shopping is left undone. It's like a balancing act, and I try to at least rotate which thing on my to-do list takes top priority.

    'Cept smooching the Buggy. That's always number one.

  2. I am meticulous about putting on make-up whenever I leave the house. I blame it on my acne. And also those "Caught In the Act!" features in crappy tabloid magazines, that show celebrities looking haggard while picking up a quart of milk at the local gas station. I'm always half-convinced paparazzi are following me and I need to constantly dress to impress.

    So, don't feel bad. You're not along. :)

  3. You are so good to get ready & have make up on. Theres lots of times I run errands with no make up, in lounge clothes.

  4. You said my thoughts about how our hubs work hard, so we can at least shower. Not that we don't do anything else, but I think the men truly prefer coming home to a sorta put together woman than the frumptastic lady I would otherwise like to be. :)


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