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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maybe she wants to nap on the floor... ???

It doesn't seem to matter how tired Aspen is, she obviously thinks naps are lame. Duh!

Regardless, I still try to make her take one every day. And she tries to make me understand SHE DOES NOT WANT ONE.

I don't know why I try to control her. She's a little person with her own thoughts and ideas and plans for the day. Naps just don't fit in with all the rolling around on the floor, the watching of the Baby Signing Time, the playing with the friends, and the teasing of the dog while carrying around a cup of snacks.

Completely unrelated to naps: Aspen is OBSESSED with this purple Tinkerbell bedtime blanket. I honestly don't know where she picked up that characteristic because I did NOT still sleep with my baby blankies until I was 12. DID NOT!! I do try to limit how often this blanket is dragged around the house, though. And it is washed every week with her crib bedding. And she doesn't suck on it, thank goodness.

It's great she has a lovey thing that makes her happy. She only gets binkies when it's time to sleep (or during church to keep her head from spinning in circles during Sacrament meeting), so it's wonderful she feels comfortable with this blanket during (unsuccessful) naps and bedtime. Kev has tried to get her to carry around something smaller so she stops tripping and falling on her face, but a substitute is completely unacceptable. This girl knows what she wants. And what she doesn't want is a nap. Duh!

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  1. I may or may not have my baby blanket in a box in my attic. I may or may not refuse to throw it away or let my children use it.
    That is so cute. Kids and their blankets are a staple. Becket has his, and Belle has 3, sometimes 10. I hope this nap protest comes to an end soon.


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