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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, month 17

Dearest Henny Penny-

I think you need to be told that you have the BEST sign ever for my brother Seth. THE BEST. Whenever I ask you to say "Seth," you sign "phone." You wanna know why? Because from the time you could hold your head up by yourself, your Uncle Seth has been showing you weird videos on his cell phone. It was his plan from the beginning to brainwash you into loving him the most. I think it's working.

Other things of note include your chatty personality. You are always jibber jabbering, and I have no idea where on earth you learned how to be so talkative. Certainly not from me. Obviously. Your vocabulary keeps growing, and I'm sorry you already know the word "butt." And "poop." It's just, that's what those things are called, and I wipe one off the other 100 times a week, so yeah. Those words get said in our house. It could be worse.

We survived a crazy windstorm this month, and it was unbelievable. Thankfully, though, the wind and the noise it caused didn't bother you. Once I barricaded the door to keep it from blowing open, it became a non-issue... kind of. We also got to spend some time in a warm tent at your friends' house IN THE LIVING ROOM. Isn't that awesome? Beckett and Anabelle were so kind to allow us to crash at their place for a little while to pass the time during the windstorm. And then GG arrived in Utah and took us to a hotel so we wouldn't freeze to death in our Pink House.

Oh, and we can't forget to highlight another recent development that has thrown Mama for a loop. You suddenly decided to stop napping in the morning. So now, instead of taking a nap around 11am, you stay awake until THREE IN THE AFTERNOON when you finally crash. It's been a horrible transition, but we'll get through it. I hope.

Christmas with you this year was amazing, to say the least. We received some free toys that you enjoy, and many many many books. I'll never forget the look on your face when you pulled your kitty cat out of the box. It was like love and reverence and bliss all mixed up into one big smile on your chubby little face. Daddy and I loved watching you tear open all the gifts you received from friends and family.
It's hard to keep up with all the changes you're going through, Miss Penny. You're trying so hard to talk to us, you're trying so hard to be a big girl and stay awake all day, you're trying so hard to be the boss of your meals... and I know you're just growing and developing and figuring things out. We're here to teach you new words, rock you to sleep, and sneak broccoli onto your plate. Mama and Daddy love you so so so much, boo-boo-ba-choo. You're the best present we've ever received and we have never, ever wished we could send you back. Except maybe when you're teething.



  1. She. Is. A. Giant.

    When did this happen? Kicked back in a chair like she owns the place? So freakin' cute.

  2. Good luck with her nap. After Bailee turned one she only naps once a day now & its usually right in the middle 12:30ish it makes it hard if I have plans sometimes I have to keep her up & she takes a late nap. That pic of her in the chair is too cute, all kicked back & relaxing.

  3. She has become quite the talker lately. It is so cute. I love it when kids figure out how to express their independence... not! Urg, those are such hard and frustrating times. She is such a cutie though. Sounds like Christmas was a blast. And completely agree, the picture of her chillaxin' in the chair, so adorable!

  4. hahaha..."poop". awesome. look at her in that last pic--so sassy! i love it! :)


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