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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

Some days I feel like I'm failing Aspen when it comes to helping her eat and sleep enough. She's so independent that I give up trying to force her to do anything. I find myself telling Kev that I just have to pick my battles.

Thankfully, The Sneaky Chef cookbook gave me some ideas for how to overcome the obstacle that is Aspen's stubborn attitude and get her to eat more healthy, even if she's still eating the same old things as usual.

For one, I add wheat germ to her morning oatmeal. So, even though it's instant oatmeal, it's that much healthier. Wheat germ offers a whole lotta nutrients in a small serving, so Aspen gets extra vitamin E, folic acid and magnesium (to name a few).

I also add tofu to pasta sauce, which offers a lot of protein and iron, and is basically undetectable. When we made pizza on Sunday I added white beans, carrots and sweet potatoes to the sauce. Aspen DEVOURED it. Sucker!

Taking more advice from the Sneaky Chef, I cooked some edamame at lunch one day and started eating it in front of Aspen. She was eating her own food, but eventually found mine super-interesting. After playing with a couple of beans on her own, she eventually popped one in her mouth. Once she realized it was pretty good, she ate a few handfuls.

I know we'll always be going back and forth when it comes to eating success and failure, but lately this is the pick-me-up I've needed. I don't just want Aspen to eat, I want her to eat well. After the holidays I'm going to take a day to prepare all the "secret ingredients" that go into foods Aspen loves, like chicken nuggets, pizza, waffles, yogurt and oatmeal. Then I can literally just mix in the extra nutrients she otherwise wouldn't get from crappy foods. I know that some days all she'll eat is a roast beef sandwich from Arby's (DON'T JUDGE ME!) but other days we'll do better.

Have any tips and tricks of your own to share? I will take as many as I can get.


  1. dont tell josh, but i was totally looking into the sneaky chef to make him eat vegetables haha. she has a lot of good ideas and recipes, and one of these days i'll get a good food processor and go to town. good luck!!

  2. That is so smart Liv to add things into Aspens food that will give her more nutrients! I will have to check out sneaky chef. Bailee doesnt eat a huge variety of things either but it would be nice to add things into every day foods she eats so she is getting more from it.


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