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Friday, December 16, 2011

When it rains, it pours.

I had really good intentions when I started dinner at 3pm one afternoon.

For Christmas I asked Kev to get me Deceptively Delicious, that cookbook that tells you to puree healthy food and bake it into brownies (and the like). But then I started looking online some more and I realized there's an even better (and original) cookbook based on the same concept.

So I got both from the library to see which I wanted. For the record, The Sneaky Chef is way better than the rip-off version published by Jessica Seinfeld. That means I changed my one and only Christmas-wish item at the last minute. Happy shopping, Kev!

Anyway, I started a from-scratch recipe that seemed easy enough. But then the blender wasn't working. Aspen and I went across the street to borrow one from Emilie and Yao while Maddie frantically clawed the heck out of the front window. Then Aspen was scared of the blender and made me hold her while I tried to puree. Then the dog started barking because another neighbor was dropping off Christmas goodies. Then I spilled tofu juice all over the counter. Then I locked Aspen (crying) in the living room with Baby Signing Time.

Then 1.5 hours later I finally put the ziti in the oven to bake.


Really, though, this whole sneaky healthy food thing is going to be nice. I plan to invest in a food processor/blender that works so I can prepare the purees in one sitting. Then I'll just grab the portion I need and throw it into meals as I go. And hopefully things will go more smoothly in the future.

Otherwise, we're going to be eating a whole lot of Little Caesar's $5 pizza when dinner doesn't turn out.


  1. I got a tiny food processor for my wedding and it worked great (for a long time), unfortuantely my son broke the lid and I had to toss it, when I was at walmart I saw basicly the same processor and I think it was about $5 so maybe you could try that until you can get a beefy one? :)

  2. I'd totally be happy with a $5 food processor. The cookbook suggests getting a small one, no bigger than 3 cups.

  3. we did some of the recipes, it was fun but a lot of time! i definitely recommend making lots of puree first, it would have been crazy simple and much faster. :) we did the brownies (as soon as they cool they don't taste at all! like spinach, i mean) and the chicken nuggets. really fun idea! and yes, i have the jessica simpson one. i'm a sucker for packaging.

  4. I need to learn how to cook period the end. Well, not cook, but meal plan and save money at the same time. I need a book on that.

  5. It better to cook foods rather than buying ready to eat foods because you can choose your ingredients. It is more nutrients and delicious. Specially during Christmas season we can cook foods as a gift.

  6. That is awesome. I need to invest in one of those books. I am pretty sure that is the only way I will get Beckett to eat veggies. Sorry things went all crazy on you.

  7. the sneaky chef is much easier, and she knows what she's doing. jessica seinfeld? well, let's just say... not so much.

    the baked ziti (with tofu, carrots and sweet potatoes "sneaked" in) was so good. i can't wait to make the pizza and the triple stuffed baked potatoes this weekend.


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