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Friday, January 06, 2012

Four Simple Goals

Near the end of 2010, I set 4 simple goals for myself. They carried over into 2011, and while some are on-going, others are not.

To refresh your memory, I set a goal to overcome my hesitance to ask others for help. I also decided to read more books, love my post-baby body, and to cook more.

I am still reading a lot, I love my post-baby body and I'm no longer afraid to ask others for help. So for some simple goals in 2012, I'm going to do the following:
To elaborate, I'm going to incorporate more of The Sneaky Chef's tips into my family's everyday diet. Taking small steps we'll eat more fresh foods rather than processed. I know this will be a journey, and we'll have to learn to like different tastes and textures, but it will be worth it. We will eat more healthy! Yes, some days Aspen will eat frozen chicken nuggets for lunch and I'll have BBQ chips with my tuna sandwich, but that's ok!

I have an Old Navy credit card that has carried a balance since Aspen was born. It's small, but I never put forth the effort to pay it off with my Yoga/Pilates money. It has been paid off before, but for some reason I've neglected it the last 18 months. So, this year it will achieve a zero balance.

As for my time, I aim to keep a simple log of what I do during the day. I'll look over it each week and see where I can cut back on unnecessary activities, like TV, Internet, or reading (when I could be doing something more productive).

When it comes to my prayers, I'd just like to remember to keep a prayer in my heart every day. Instead of getting frustrated and feeling like giving up, I'd rather say a short prayer to help me put things into perspective. Instead of drifting off to sleep with a silent prayer running through my head, I'd rather kneel and stay awake for one.

So there you have it. Three brand-new goals and one that will further develop from 2010. Do you have any goals? And no, these are not New Year's Resolutions! Those are dumb.


  1. Those are awesome goals. I am almost sold on the Sneaky Chef. I hear you on the prayer goal. I am pretty pathetic when it comes to night prayers. I use the cold to justify praying in bed, when I could just pray when I am still dressed warmly. I am ridiculous.

  2. Great goals, I think the key to goals for me is simplicity as well.

    I have some great recipes to make things like chicken nuggets from scratch and they are healthy, taste yummy and are really easy. Let me know if you want any!


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