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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I didn't know bunnies liked the snow so much.

This little pink bunny was so excited about the snowfall we discovered on Saturday morning. All throughout the day, she kept looking out the window and yelling "NOOOOO!!" But it was different than her usual, stern "NOOOOO!!" This time, she meant "snow!!"

In the late-afternoon I finally consented to taking her outside to play. And she loved it. She cried when I made her come inside to get dry, warm mittens (to replace her soggy, cold ones). But then we went back out on the front walk and she was thrilled again.

While I may not like the snow even a little bit, I do like watching her play in it. But only when she keeps her mittens on.


  1. That hat is adorable. She is seriously one of the cutest kids I know.

  2. Jesse's favorite is to walk in the snow to hear the sound it makes under his shoes. Then he runs to the cement and stomps it off like a mad man. He thinks it's a game. I need to take him out and build a snowman or something.


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