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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Jesus wants me for a sunBEAM!

On Sunday, Kev escorted Aspen to the nursery at church. It's the program designated for kids 18 months to 3(?) years and it's basically two hours of playing with toys, looking at pictures related to the Gospel, eating snacks, popping bubbles, singing songs and practicing praying. In other words, before I had Aspen, it was my idea of torture. But now that I am a parent who regularly employs many of the same methods for teaching and entertaining a child 24/7, I think it's the best thing ever.

The nursery leaders are really wonderful. Kev spent the first hour with Aspen (since she's not 18 months we're not supposed to leave her alone in there yet) and then I came in for the second hour. She was pretty hesitant to get involved without me holding her, but eventually she'll get used to it. The other children are super-adorable and who can turn down free snacks?!

For the next month Kev and I will probably switch off taking her to the class and then we're totally cutting her off. I mean, if she cries non-stop the leaders will just find one of us and give her back, so she has options. But seriously, nursery will be much more enjoyable than sitting with the grown ups in grown up classes. Did I mention the FREE SNACKS?

Hopefully being in nursery will offset the fact that church is now right during Aspen's nap time. As it is, the first Sunday of the new schedule, she didn't nap until almost FIVE PM. I wanted to die. And I only let her sleep for an hour since I didn't want her staying up all night. Ugh. So yeah. Nursery should be fun.


  1. 1:00 church is horrific. Sorry about that. You can try for a nap around 11, but basically the whole day is crazy.

    Nursery definitely helps, though! Congrats, Aspen!

  2. Hooray for nursery! I'm sure she will love it, once she gets used to it.

  3. We can actually stay for all of church now that Bailee is in nursery. We didnt take her for pretty much all December since she was sick so she had rough time Sunday, some other little girl pushed & one of the leaders had to bring her to me. Thats great to start taking her in now to get used to it I never even thought about it.

  4. I think nursery is my favorite calling. And yes I love the snack time too.


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