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Monday, January 09, 2012

Looking for Daddy

Aspen has learned to say "Daddy work!" to explain why he isn't at home with us all day. Depending on her mood, she either plays shy when Kev gets home, or she freaks out with excitement.

One evening Maddie and Aspen trolled the hall after Kev got home and slipped into the bathroom. Aspen was looking for Daddy while Maddie was just looking for dropped crackers.

When Aspen realized where Daddy was hiding, she got on the floor and started poking her fingers under the bathroom door. So clever, that one. It's amazing how quickly she is learning to play and to talk. She loves to repeat everything I say to her, and she loves to ask for Super Why, one of her favorite PBS shows. The characters dance at the end of every episode, and she tries to wave her arms just like them.

Aspen is really becoming a little girl, and it's awesome.


  1. ahh, that last picture is fabulous :) she is so cute!!

  2. Haha that last picture is too cute! Bailee gets really excited when Shad or I get home from work. See you two tomorrow :)

  3. i love this age! mini people!! its so fun to see them learn and grow!


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