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Friday, January 27, 2012

Penny for your thoughts, Month 18

Penny Poo Pants-

Who the heck are you?! Your personality is coming out larger than life itself. You are funny and mean and happy and kind and climb-y and kissy and huggy and lovey.

You have been repeating more of your friends' names lately, and I love it. You CONSTANTLY ask for "Ni" and "KKKKK," who I know you love more than me... but seriously... every day you ask me if you can play with them (Zjani, Makayla and Konnor). You also learned to say "Emmy" and it's probably the cutest of all the names you say. Sometimes you walk to the front door saying "Emmy" and "Yao" so we take advantage of them being our neighbors and bug them all the time. It's nice.

This month you also started nursey in full-force. Mama and Dada took turns spending some time in there with you, and then we all realized you're fine to be without us. So Mama abandoned you on your second visit. The leaders don't mind that you started a little early since you usually have a great time playing bubbles, eating snacks, and learning awesome songs. You quickly picked up the rhyme they teach for getting everyone settled and ready for the lesson. It's adorable to watch you move your hands and arms for it.

As you continue growing, we're settling into an afternoon-nap-routine. Which is alright if you keep letting Mama shower while you watch SuperWhy! in the mornings. Then, depending on the day, we get to go to the gym, or Discovery Time (Library) or to the playgroup some of our friends host at the church. We still visit the Treehouse Museum often, and now that the weather is rainy we meet friends at the mall playground too. But maybe we should back up and talk about SuperWhy! for a minute.

YOU. ARE. OBSESSED. It's on at 9am weekday mornings, and while you eat your breakfast beforehand, you ask for Why. When you're watching it, you climb onto the TV stand and hit the screen, yelling WHY! WHY! WHY! We usually take a TV break while we run errands, play with friends, eat lunch, nap, etc... and then after dinner you start asking for Why again. So I plug you into the 4 episodes we have on DVD and you're the happiest little girl in the world. I think you plan to marry Why when you grow up. That $5 DVD was the best money I've ever spent on a babysitter (I'm kidding. I usually watch it with you).

Something NOT so adorable is your new habit of hitting. You smacked me in the face during playgroup and completely took me off guard. But you are learning that after you hit, you can say "HI!" and then hug to make it all better. At least you think you're making it all better. Hopefully we can keep working on that.

We're also continually working on what you eat. While Mama is still "sneaking" healthy elements into your meals, I'm also just trying new things. You loved salsa and chips, which is great because Mama is going to count that as a vegetable. It was also great when you ate taco soup. Are you trying to tell us you like Mexican? Because we can start eating at Costa Vida all the time if you want.

My little Penny, Mama and Dada love you so much. We love your hugs and your laugh and your loud and insistent calls for "MADDIEEEEEEEE!" every morning when you get up. It so so great to hear you talk so much and ask for the things you need/want. Let's keep that up so the tantrums can stop, mmmk?



  1. So cute. It is sad that they grow up so quickly, but she is just beginning to start the very fun stages. I love that I can carry on a conversation with Jesse and he can tell me what he wants and doesn't want. Their little voices are so cute. My favorite is, "Mom, I wanna kiss?" I love it. You are such a sweet mommy. Keep up the good work.

  2. PS Jesse love Super Why and Sesame Street, oh and Dinosaur Train. TV has become my new buddy. Now that Jesse is interested I too can get a shower in while he learns.

  3. Haha that picture of her in the drawer watching super why. bailees absolute favorite is bubble guppies but we don't get disney. She does love super why too though. I need to mix healthy things in what bailee eats too..any ideas or suggestions would be awesome. That's fun she's oficially in nursery now, sounds like she does great. I'm hoping bailee will like it again SOON!

  4. I can't believe how grown up she is getting. She is such a doll.


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