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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Starting small

I'm still slowly but surely adapting some regular recipes to include more healthy ingredients. However, I still haven't had a free afternoon to just blend, mix, puree and prepare some of those ingredients ahead of time.

When I made pancakes this week (mixing the batter one of my new Pyrex bowls, thank-you-very-much), I just added wheat germ and a banana. I wanted to add almonds as well, but they're still just slivered and not pureed so I knew Aspen wouldn't go for that.

These cook books are just plain awesome. So many recipes are so easy, especially if you're just adding a little something to a prepared food, like pancake mix or even boxed macaroni and cheese. It really is about enhancing what you already eat, and possibly creating a few other things from scratch to improve your diet.

I was so happy to watch Aspen gobble up two banana pancakes for dinner, even if she wouldn't touch the eggs. I'm really trying to focus on the successes we're having rather than the setbacks. I know that with patience, we're laying a foundation on which she can build good eating habits, and I'm getting into good habits as well. Preparing more food from scratch helps me know exactly what we're eating; and it helps me avoid lactose as well because holy cow... that still makes me sick to death.

Other things we've eaten lately with "secret" ingredients include tacos (with wheat germ, tofu, blueberries and spinach), chicken salad (with wheat germ, tofu, and white beans), meatloaf (with wheat germ, blueberries, and spinach) and pizza (with carrots, sweet potatoes and tofu).

Have you been making any sneaky meals lately? Feel free to share your success!


  1. I've been adding ground up flax seed to almost everything I cook for quite awhile now and it wasn't until just a week or so ago that Russ saw me putting it in and asked about it ha ha. You can't even taste it and it's so healthy for you!

  2. i really need to get on this!! adding wheat germ sounds easy enough...


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