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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

That one time I bribed Aspen in order to do her hair.

Heavens to Betsy, doing Aspen's hair is ridiculous! Usually I have to let it flop around her head all day, every day because she just pulls clips/elastics right out. But for some reason, I was determined that she'd have a styled coif on Monday.

I did successfully pull it into an elastic in the morning, but the aftermath of her much-appreciated nap left her with a total fro on one side of her head. For round two, I had to resort to the Bumbo and a gigantic lollipop. Worked like a charm.

I just don't understand why Aspen doesn't want to let me up her cute factor by, like, a million with a hairstyle.


  1. She looks adorable. There is nothing wrong with bribery. Anabelle is the same. I don't get it either. Especially for such a girlie girl. Maybe it is because her mom never does anything with her hair? No, that can't be it.

  2. Very cute! Bailee is pretty good about letting me do her hair & she usually keeps it in until she wakes up from her nap & she has pulled it out.

  3. It's a friggin pain I tell you! Eva always pulls her hair out during the day, unless I do something complicated with lots of ponytails and she doesn't know where to start. Getting her to hold still for that long though is the problem. I think she looks adorable :) Good job, mom!


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