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Monday, January 02, 2012

We're like, MAGNETS for free stuff.

Kev acquires many things. Some useful, some not. Recently, he came into possession of a set of three matching tables: one of the coffee variety, one of the end variety, and one of the sofa variety.

Seeing as how we have need for almost none of those, Kev put them up for sale on KSL classifieds. Then we decided to keep the sofa table and he sold the other two before Christmas.

We put the sofa table in the hallway and turned it around so the drawers are facing the wall. No need to tempt Miss Aspen with exciting nooks and crannies to explore!

I'm really happy to have the sofa table in the hall because it takes up much less room (physically and visually) than the old cedar chest we used to have there. And I love that it's tall enough for me to put pretty things on it out of Aspen's reach.

The typewriter was a gift from my brother, and the metal tea-light lantern is from Kev (an old estate sale find). The painting is from Yao, our token Asian friend, and symbolizes success in marriage. The red shoes were hand-me-downs to Aspen from Kev's brother, and the old copies of Sherlock Holmes came from Amazon many years ago.


  1. i like it! thats awesome you got it for free, and it looks so nice! also, those little shoes are adorable :)


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