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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're so glad you've come.

When I crawl back into bed at 7:30am, I know I only have a few minutes. I almost never fall asleep again because I'm just waiting for Kev's alarm to go off, or for Aspen's morning cries to carry from her room to mine. Regardless, I burrow under the covers and hope for a few minutes of rest.

When I finally hear Aspen awake and ready to start her routine, I find myself missing the days when she was young enough to get in bed with me, nurse for a few minutes, and then doze off again. Who would have thought that I'd long for last winter, when night-time sleep was interrupted, but morning cuddles were plentiful?

Despite Kev's protests, some mornings I crawl into Aspen's crib with her for some hugs. I play with her hair while she jabbers about what I can only assume were eventful dreams, or her plans for the day. Sometimes she uses me as a launching pad, sometimes she uses me as a pillow. I'm happy to wrap up in blankets that smell like baby soap and lotion and enjoy some quiet moments before we hit the ground running.

We're in a tough phase right now, with Aspen asserting more independence every day. But with those developments, she's also experiencing more frustration as she discovers what she still doesn't know. The tantrums can be exhausting for all of us, so I will try to remember the sweetness of our relationship to carry me through. I'll remember the feel of her fingers wrapped around one of mine. The weight of her head on my shoulder while her body drapes over my chest. I'll remember how I longed for this daughter of mine.

And now she is here.


  1. That is awesome you crawl in the crib. I miss those days when Beckett would come climb into bed with me every morning and we would just snuggle until we were both ready to get up and start the day. I loved those mornings. Now I have to wake him up and coerce him into eating and getting ready for school. Such a difference. I'm glad you are taking advantage of every moment of those mornings.

  2. I havent put.bailee in bed with me to cuddle since she was a baby, sometimes when shad left for work at 4:45 i would put her in bed with me ;-) gotta cherish all the sweet moments. She seemed to like discovery time today although it was like a zoo.


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