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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The year of the dragon

Saturday night I partied it up Chinese-style in SLC with Emilie and Yao. Kev got home from working in time to stay with Aspen while she napped so I flew the coop for a night out sans mini-me.

There was a lot of amazing food (um, hello? REAL CHINESE FOOD?! Yes, please) and entertainment and I'm so glad I was able to go. Yao was helping with the event, so he kept sneaking tasty treats to us in excess. No complaining here.

Okay, I do have one complaint. We were expecting some of the young men in Emilie's ward to perform a traditional line dance. Turns out it was a misunderstanding because what they were really preparing was a traditional lion dance. So there we were, waiting for a bunch of Chinese-American teenagers to dance all country... and instead they came out in a lion costume to collect red envelopes of money for good luck. Oh well.

It's always fun to spend time with friends, and even more fun to eat good food and to celebrate different cultures. All without having to change any diapers, clean up spilled food or hush a tired toddler.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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  1. That does sound fun and what a neat experience. I do think its funny about the line or lion dancing. Thanks for the giggles. :)


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