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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Photos that do justice much better than my cell phone.

I caved and returned the Crowley's Antiques on Wednesday. I had Aspen with me, so I knew I was taking a huge risk... I didn't go in with enough money to pay for anything except the dishes so I hoped Aspen wouldn't touch anything.

She was, of course, angelic in the antique store. She didn't touch anything, and she waddled behind the cafe counter to make friends with the barista.

When Kev got home from work he noticed one dish on our shelves and he asked me how I did on the discount. Sadly, I only procured 20% off, but I'm still proud of my bargaining. And to boot, Kev said he was planning to buy them out from under me and then surprise me with them for my birthday. Isn't he sweet?! I feel badly that now he has to think of something else amazing to do.

After Aspen and I picked up the dishes from Crowley's, we strolled 25th Street for a little while. We ended up in Great Harvest and enjoyed a free slice of warm wheat bread. It was a great day and I'm so glad I got to spend it with my mini-me (and that she didn't break anything!!).


  1. So glad you decided to get it! Its really pretty. And sounds like Aspen did great.

  2. Hooray! They are really pretty. That is sweet about Kevin. Sounds like a pretty awesome day.


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