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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Because I don't want to forget

Being a stay-at-home-parent is the most mentally and emotionally demanding job I've ever had. Even when I was like, clinically depressed and HATING my job at the University, it was never as challenging as being a parent. But that's because I didn't care about that job. This job of being a parent? Well, I might just take it a little too seriously.

Because I don't want to forget, here is what my days look like when it comes to time management (lest you think I have all the time in the world to do glamorous things like PEE BY MYSELF):

Between 730-800a Aspen wakes up. She likes to talk in her crib for a very, very, very long time before allowing anyone to actually get her up.
800-830a Breakfast usually consists of oatmeal, and stealing many bites of Mama's cereal.
830-900a I am finally permitted to change Aspen's diaper and get her dressed for the day.
900-1100a During this time, we play, watch cartoons and I try to sneak in a shower without causing a meltdown. About 50% of the time, I am successful! Depending on the day, we head to the gym (for me to teach a Yoga class), or Discovery Time at the Library, or playgroup at the church.
1100-12 Lunch is consumed, and it usually consists of a hot dog/chicken nuggets/veggie burger or a sandwich cut into a variety of shapes (because otherwise it is NOT tasty!). There is also some form of puree, whether applesauce, yogurt, or various other deliciousness.
1230-4p Oh, the "witching hours!" My absolute favorite time of day! This is the huge window of time during which Aspen decides to either A) nap B) NOT NAP. It's so fun! To pass the time, we might abandon the nap altogether and go to the Treehouse Museum, or watch some more cartoons, or have a play date or scream our heads off because we're so tired. There's also lots of snacking, bubble blowing, coloring, sticker stickering and fort-building. I'm also either A) brave or B) stupid enough to sometimes go to the grocery store for last-minute dinner ingredients.
4-6p Depending on nappiness, there's dinner served during this two-hour window. Daddy may or may not be home, which just adds to the delight. Yippy! Usually though, Daddy comes home by 6 and I clock out. Meaning I try to step away from parenting and let Aspen control her Daddy's every move until bedtime at 8. I'm so grateful they usually have some time together every night, even if it's only during the hour it takes to bath, brush, and prepare for bed with ten hundred books.
7p The aforementioned hour during which Aspen is prepared for bed by her loyal servants. Daddy bathes, brushes teeth, and then the two of us lather her up into a fragrant bubble of babyness. Three nights a week I leave after the lotioning (because that is a TWO MAN JOB) and baby prayers so I can teach Yoga while Daddy finishes up with, like I mentioned, ten hundred books.
8p Aspen waves to Daddy after he puts her in her crib and we all die about how cute that is. And then we eat ice cream, watch all of Aspen's favorite shows and pet kittens without her.

Being so established in this routine, in this world of catering-to-Aspen, I get riled up when I have to step out of it. Mostly because I'm obsessed with Aspen having a nap so she doesn't melt my face off during the withcing hours. But you know what? She loves this routine too. Last week we were late getting to Discovery Time and she FLIPPED OUT when I tried to walk into the room with her. She pulled against my hand so hard we lost our grip and she flopped onto the floor. It wasn't until she started yelling "SNACK, EAT!" that I realized what was wrong. We're usually early for Discovery Time, so we sit on a bench together and she eats a snack before we go in. Girlfriend was not having any Discovery Time until after she ate a snack. So we sat in the back of the room and she inhaled a roll before engaging in any of the activities.

It may not mean anything to you, but these routines make or break my days. And having it so well-oiled makes it impossible for me to even consider adding another baby anytime soon. As many friends have their second, third and even fourth right now, I am totally incapable of comprehending such a change. Why mess with a good thing?


  1. That is awesome you put down your schedule. I always thought I would remember what it was like, but I am totally starting to forget stuff. You are such a good mom. I wish I would have had more of a routine with my kids. I think it would have made transitioning into school a lot easier.
    P.S. It was fun to see you at the library with your load of books.

  2. What a good idea for a post! Routines are definitely nice & helpful.

  3. Totally freakn out about tne routine with new baby. Annas totally on the same boat with aspen she has major meltdowns if there is no snack on the way home from our equivalent to your discovery time. Too bad we dont live closer bc anna could come stay at your house after baby since she and aspen have pretty much the same schedule! Not that anyone would volunteer for having two toddlers during the witching hour......


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