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Friday, March 16, 2012

dirtgirl world

How do you feel about this weather lately? Hasn't it been divine? Aspen and I take walk after walk after walk. And we sit in the backyard digging in the dirt, eating our meals, and chasing after the dog.

I learn more about my parenting while we're outside, too. I like to sit back and allow Aspen to explore on her own. If she falls down, I let her pick herself up. If she gets too close to something dangerous (tools, BBQ grill, poop) I encourage her to listen to me and learn from the tone of my voice that it's important to turn away and find something else to play with. It's a nice rhythm we're developing.

When it does come time to drag a tired, sun-soaked toddler inside, she usually yells bye to her swing and her table and her bike. They are the highlights of her time outside.

I can't believe last summer she would just sit on a blanket and look around contently. She would listen to me read aloud, she would play with little baby toys and completely mellow out. How far we've come since then!


  1. The weather has been wonderful. But it has started sprinkling up our way & I hear its supposed to continue this weekend but next week is supposed to be nice again :)

  2. I too have been loving this weather and taking complete advantage with my boys. Winter creates madness due to being cooped up in the house.

  3. Oh my, those adorable crocs! The weather has been so nice here too. HELLO SPRING!!!!!


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