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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting craft-tastic

Aspen did this thing yesterday that was super-weird. She napped for almost three hours. I was like, HEY! ARE YOU DEAD IN THERE?!

I crept around the house trying to do things without waking her up. My friend wanted to bring a check over to me and I actually told him to go away so the dog wouldn't bark and wake up the baby. Yes, I turned down money in order to let Aspen sleep uninterrupted. I am a desperate woman.

When I realized that this nap was the real deal, I sat down at the kitchen table and attempted a project I read about in Better Homes & Gardens this month.

BH&G suggests using craft paper, but that has to be purchased from the store because I'm not the kind of person who has "craft paper" in my house. I do, however, have a French atlas. Doesn't everyone? This atlas was purchased from a library sale at WSU a couple of years ago, and I just knew I'd use it for something someday.

That someday was yesterday, apparently. These pinwheel things are fun. I imagine making a dozen more and then hanging them in the living room. The current decor is starting to bore me and having these map wheels in various sizes on the wall would be a great replacement. And since the atlas was $1 this project is going to cost me a total of 0.00000001 cents (the colored paper is some random stuff Kev brought home from a rental).

The best part about Aspen's 2.75hr nap was her fantastically chipper attitude upon waking. She smiled so big I thought her head would break in half. I LOVE THIS KID.


  1. That is so awesome! What a sweetheart! Your project is cute too.

  2. Those turned out really cute. Glad you got some time for yourself! I always worry about Bailee too when she has been sleeping longer than usual...but I dont dare check on her because I dont want to wake her up.

  3. I love the crafting! I hear you have a beautiful new roof, I have yet to drive by and see it but I am excited for you!


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