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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy happy birthday to YOU!

My niece turned one last week and we were able to get together at Jeshua's and Julia's to celebrate. To prepare, Aspen and I sang "Happy Birthday" a hundred times prior to the party. I wanted her to know how to sing with us when we gathered for treats. The plan backfired a wee bit because now we have to sing "Happy Birthday Leilani" a hundred times a day. I think Aspen loves that there is a song with her cousin's name in it.

Lei was a wonderful host and provided many balloons, toys and sugary treats throughout the afternoon. She also showed Aspen how to stick her head in a Bumbo. Who knew?!

J&J will be moving at the end of April and I'm so sad about it. I almost cried the whole drive home after our weekend full of fun. I love spending time with my siblings and I love watching the little cousins play together. I can't believe they won't be growing up with each other.

I guess this is just another reason I can hate BYU; they place their accounting students in good jobs immediately following graduation. Stupid career paths!


  1. Those two looked like they had a lot of fun together. So cute!

  2. Sounds like a fun family gathering. That's too bad they are moving I'm sorry :-( hopefully you can see them a bit more before they leave.


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