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Friday, March 09, 2012

I'll have to refrain from "helping" Aspen play with her new toy.

At the Treehouse Museum, Aspen will often spend a good amount of time playing with the dollhouse. There's something really fun about arranging the furniture and all the dolls just so before throwing them on the floor or smearing them all across the table.
At our house, we don't have room for a real dollhouse, but we do have lots of Expedit shelving from IKEA. Thus, Aspen's studio-apartment-style-dollhouse was born. I purchased the dolls and furniture from Amazon and then helped her set them up in one of the cubbies.
She ended up spreading it all out on the coffee table, but that's an acceptable option as well. I was happy to see her actually play with the pieces, and try to manipulate the dolls to sit or stand where she wanted.
And since there isn't an actual dollhouse, everything gets scooped up and stored in a Tupperware so I can tuck it all out of sight until next time. Genius!


  1. The dolls & furniture you got off Amazon are really cute. It looks like shes having fun with her new toys!

  2. I love those? What are they called? I may have to get some for my lil girl for Christmas!

  3. Makai's favorites are always the dollhouse and kitchen set up as well. I think we're going to buy or make a kitchen for his birthday. I LOVE the dolls you found Aspen, those are so stinkin cute!

  4. the dolls are melissa and doug's royal family. i found a set for less than $11.


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