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Thursday, March 01, 2012

A not-so-secret fort

On Tuesdays I get up at 5:15am. If I'm lucky. This week, Aspen was SCREAMING at 4:45. So I got up, hugged her, asked her to go back to sleep and tried to get a few more minutes in for myself before my alarm sounded.

I ended up just laying in bed, waiting for it to beep at me. Isn't that the worst? I felt so awful all. day. long. Aspen fought me for a nap for one hour. There was screaming and crying and rocking and begging for food. She does that. She begs to eat when she knows she should be sleeping.
  Despite my fatigue, my wretchedly bad mood, and the lack-of-napping-toddler, I tried to have fun with Aspen. I created a fort in my room so she could look out the window in a secret spot while eating a snack.

So while I wanted to lay down and die, instead I watched her play. She rediscovered Kev's bedside table and tried to eat the buttons off the remote.

And then! Her friends came over so she left me alone for a few minutes and played with them while I sat the heck down. It was nice.

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