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Monday, March 26, 2012

A post with a lot of paranthesis.

Last Wednesday was so beautiful I felt badly taking Aspen to the Treehouse Museum. We should be outside whenever the sun is out! But you know what? Sometimes I need to be able to sit in a (small yet) comfy chair and watch Aspen play without squinting. Squinting is giving me gigantic crow's feet around my eyes and I do not care for it one bit.

So we were in the Treehouse for a couple of house to give my old-lady-skin a break. Aspen asked to ride the horses for the first time, and as soon as I sat her down, she starting signing and asking for a "hat." I don't know where she learned that you must have a hat while riding a horse. But she looked dang cute so I'm all for it.

I think the Treehouse is in a worm hole or something. Time either goes by super-slowly or super-quickly while we're there. This particular visit it just whizzed by and I almost had to drag Aspen out of there by her hair so we could go home for lunch. When we were almost to the door, she stopped at the little bridge and proceeded to walk across it eleventy-hundred times until I picked her up and told her it was time to go home and be boring.

In actuality, our house is SO FUN!! When we pull into the driveway Aspen always starts yelling "TABLEBIKESWING TABLEBIKESWING TABLEBIKESWING!" Which means she wants to go in the backyard and play with her, you guessed it! TABLE, BIKE, and SWING.

After a nap, we walked to the park (where Aspen just sat and watched a dog (guess what, we have one of thoese at home!)). And since an hour at the park was not enough to quench Aspen's thirst for being outside, I stuck her and Maddie in the backyard while I prepared dinner (PS don't bother making the Creamy Avocado Pasta recipe that's on Pinterest because it sucks). It was made clear that Aspen needs her own bobcat because she was excavating dirt by hand like a pioneer the entire time I was inside. There was dirt on her face, on the lawn chair and, you guessed it! TABLEBIKESWING! She had so much fun. 

I love sunshine so much I want to marry it.


  1. We also have been taking complete advantage of sunny days and trying to play outside. I get super bored being cooped up all day. I think I may just have to invest in a tree house museum pass for the days that are not so nice outside so the boys and I feel like we can actually leave. We currently are the proud holders of a dinopark pass and that has been the best. Jesse loves going there.

  2. I love sunny days. It always puts me in a better mood to be able to go outside.


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