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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bon Voyage

Last weekend I got together with both of my brothers for one last hurrah before Jeshua and Julia move away from Utah. I managed to keep it together until 7pm Saturday night when I started crying and it took me an hour to finally say goodbye.

And then I cried a lot of the way home.

But in order to avoid dwelling on how sad it is to say goodbye, we'll focus on how wonderful it is that I actually care my brother is moving. What if I didn't care?! What if our daughters weren't friends?! I'm actually glad that it bothers me so much they're moving. That's love.

Saturday morning Julia and I took the girls to the driveway for some coloring. And road rash (Little!) There was also some frog hopping and elephant walking. But mostly Little tried to figure out how to get into the 40mph traffic in front of Seth's house. Fun! I guess she was just jealous that the boys were out doing "man" stuff and she was expected to stay home and color.

Once the boys returned from shooting things in the west desert, Julia and I left them with the babies and ventured to H&M for the first time. Joy! The boys let the babies climb in Seth's rock-crawler so they could connect with their masculine sides. The playground is for suckers who don't have access to Toyotas.

It's a really good thing we didn't take the babies shopping with us because A) H&M on a Saturday afternoon is INSANE (and we weren't even at the City Creek one) and B) the babies really really really liked the truck.

Cuddles with "Signing Time."

Okay, now I'm remembering how hard it was to say goodbye and I need to go cry in my pillow for a little while.


  1. I may be the one saying 'goodbye' to my family one day soon. Sounds terribly heart wrenching. Depending on where Andrew gets on as a Paramedic will depend on where we move to.

  2. Oh sad:( The day came. You are so right though, it IS great that you care!

  3. Having family live far away is not fun. Looks like you guys had a wonderful fair well party, despite the heartache that followed. Aren't we lucky to live in a time when it is so much easier to keep in touch with family?


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