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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Photographic Evidence

Besides all the wonderful new-to-me-clothes I got on Saturday, this photograph (taken by Mary) serves as proof that a clothing swap was hosted in the Pink House.

I decided it was time to either take everything to DI (to donate) or swap with friends. So I combined the two ideas on one handy Saturday and much fun was had.

The best part about the swap was getting together with girls I only know from the Internet. None of my real-life friends made it, so instead it was a gathering of pen pals. And no one turned out to be a psycho stalker!

I had such a great time and was happy to see some of my things go to new homes. After everyone was packed up, Kev and I completely purged our house-hoard and he took a van-full of stuff to DI. Now I don't have to cringe when I go into our cellar! Yippy!

If you missed out this time around, you can make up for it come autumn. By then we'll all need to re-evaluate our summer wardrobes and it'll be time to swap again.


  1. I am so sad I missed it. :(

  2. I'm glad it was a success. I would have brought stuff over, but pretty sure no one would want the close I was getting ride of.

  3. Holy cow. Did I just spell clothes as close? I am an idiot


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