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Monday, April 30, 2012

Serves me right for taking a shower.

Aspen is usually so well-behaved when I take a shower in the morning. If I turn on Caillou, she'll stand, transfixed, in front of the TV for 27 minutes. That allows me to not only shower, but get dressed, do my make up and hair.

However, being a precocious toddler, she can't always stay out of trouble. One morning last week she got into a stash of things we got from Jeshua and Julia (who got rid of EVERYTHING when they moved) and found a red marker. She drew on some magazines, the ottoman, and herself.

When I found Aspen sitting in the living room with her self-inflicted tattoos, she yelled "ELMO!!" and I laughed. Apparently she wanted to be the same color as one of her beloved Muppets.Who can argue with that cuteness?


  1. I love her face in that picture. SO cute!

  2. Haha I remember reading that on facebook lol. That is too funny. I dont dare shower without Shad home in fear that something will happen between the two girls so I either shower at night or wake up before Bailee does

  3. Your shower routine sounds like ours! Aubrey watched Super Why for many months, and has now moved on to parts of Toy Story or Little Rascals. But that is the only way I get a shower in. I think we all enjoy that time of day.

    Aspen looks cute even with marker all over.

  4. I envy your ability to just laugh about it. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have. She does look pretty darn cute though.


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