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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A very Merry Unbirthday

To make up for yesterday's no good, very bad Birthday, today Aspen and I got cupcakes. After a visit to the Library, we headed to Vintage Cupcake's new store on 25th Street and commenced smudging their display case.
We got the tried-and-true favorite (BTA) as well as the extra-rich chocolate cream cheese. For kicks, I added in the Tropical Cream as well (and almost died from the deliciousness).

I'm surprised Aspen didn't leap out of her booster seat while I made her sing Happy Birthday to Mama so I could record it. We ended up also singing Happy Birthday to Aspen, Maddie and Reese (the dog we tended over the weekend). Not once did we have to sing it to Leilani! Which is a first, since the last month she's the only person we've been singing Happy Birthday to.

Oh? Did you notice Aspen's face? Yeah. She biffed it on the driveway yesterday and blood gushed from her wounds like nobody's business. Thankfully they're really superficial scrapes and nothing a little neosporin won't fix.

So... even though there was no cake, singing, presents or general enjoyment whatsoever on my actual birthday, we tried to make up for it today by eating cupcakes for lunch.


  1. You totally deserve delicious cupcakes after your day yesterday. I thought Vintage cupcakes went out of business I didnt know they just moved.

  2. Those look amazing! I thought they went out of business too. Poor Aspen's nose. The pigtails are adorable, so they make up for it.

  3. yay for cupcakes!! and hooray for a better day than the one before, what a bummer birthday!

  4. I'm so glad you got cupcakes!! Sounds like fun!


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