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Friday, April 13, 2012

We'll take a W A L K walk in the P A R K park!

On Sunday we went for a walk.

We invited some of our favorite people.

Kev played with our new camera (thank you, tax return!).

Aspen climbed on the playground and rode down the slides all by herself.

It was a good day.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I liked all of you pictures on facebook as well. I love the parkway!

  2. Sunday was a perfect day for a walk! Yay for tax returns. Ours is nothing like is used to be now that I work but at least we got something & didnt owe..

  3. Is walk walk from Elmo? If not there is a song on there and I am totally singing it in my head now. I love walks!

  4. It's an old ukulele song I learned in elementary school and Aspen loves it.

  5. I just had a wave of nostalgia from this picture!!! I certainly did LOVE living next to the ogden parkway. I miss it!


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