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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What's that?!

Aspen has entered the stage of questioning. While driving in the car with the windows down, she asks "WHAT'S THAT?" 100 times nonstop. I don't know if she's just unfamiliar with the wind on her face or what, but she's quite inquisitive. When we were at the Ogden Parkway last week she was very interested in the daffodils.

It's understandable, considering they are some of the first blooms of the season. What's that? NOT DEAD GRASS?! Why, yes. It is something alive and growing. She got pretty touchy-feely with the flowers and prematurely dead-headed one. Or two. All in the name of exploring!

Hey, creeper. I'm eating my sandwich.

Oh? You like this horse she's holding? Well. She found that on one of our visits to the playground and became obsessed with it. OBSESSED. Horsey walks with us, eats with us, and drinks from her princess dollhouse bathtub. It even gets to sleep under its own blanket and eat Oreo crumbs off Aspen's plate. Thankfully, horsey also takes bubble baths.

It's fun to answer Aspen's questions (when I can actually understand them) and to see her soak up knowledge like a dry sponge. Her new favorite thing is to yell "BLESS YOU" when someone sneezes/coughs. And she still yells "YOU'RE WELCOME" when she means "thank you, kindly." I just love that this warm weather affords us so many learning opportunities.


  1. You are much more positive about that phase than me. I don't mind answering questions, but when it is constant and repetitive, sometimes I want to rip my hair out. You are such a good mom.

  2. Bug says "you're welcome" when she means "thank you", too!

  3. That is one of Jesse's favorite questions. I also love that he now uses my phrases that he hears so often. My latest fave's "Did you see that?, Do you hear me?, I want ten minutes." The ten minutes one is oh,so cute. I always said, "Okay, ten more minutes." SO now when it is time, "I want ten minutes, okay?" How can I say no to that?

  4. She's too cute. Its nice you live so close to the Ogden park way. And funny she's obsessed with that horse she found.


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