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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Captain Spontaneous

Last Saturday was one of those days. I didn't have any specific plans, and it turned out to be the BEST THING EVER.

On Friday, Nikki and I took the girls to City Creek, and I ended up leaving my stroller in her car. So when she texted me the next morning to let me know, I decided we'd go with the flow and just pick it up first thing.

Off to Roy we went, and after a quick visit with our friends we headed back to Ogden with nothing on our agenda. I kept thinking I'd take Aspen to the Treehouse Museum, but the weather was so perfect I didn't want to waste it inside.

That's when Aspen piped up in the backseat of the "BIG CAR" (as she calls it) and started talking about the airplanes she could see at Hill's Aerospace museum. Being the awesome mom that I am who never worries about schedules I took a detour and rerouted us to the museum instead of Ogden.


Aspen and I spent about an hour wandering the museum and playing in the children's learning center. She had so much fun pretending to fly an airplane in one of the exhibits. I only got a little worried when she started making airplane sounds followed by "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!" Who taught her that?

The best part about the morning was surviving without any snacks. I had one in my purse, but I'm trying this new thing where I don't give Aspen 100 snacks between breakfast and lunch. I'm finding that she'll actually eat lunch if she's hungry. Novel idea, yes? I guess if I just keep her occupied, she doesn't ask for goldfish or chocolate milk or bananas every ten seconds.

So yeah. Awesome morning. Followed by a lunch Aspen actually ate. And a walk to the grocery store to pass the time until Daddy came home and put Aspen down for her nap. A nap during which I went to GAP to redeem some gift cards/credit card reward points and bought myself a hot pair of red skinny jeans. Perfection. Absolute perfection.

The greatness doesn't stop there, folks. I went to a book party and ordered Aspen some great reads while she and Daddy had an afternoon snack at home. I rode a bike for the first time in maybe 6 years. Aspen figured out how to take her shirt off and cover her naked belly with stickers. We ate grilled veggie burgers and asparagus in the backyard for dinner. And then Aspen went to bed so Kev and I could catch up on our shows from the week.

It was just one of those days.


  1. ahahahaahaha, I just HAVE to say that top picture made me smile and I think made my day too! soooo cute!!!! =)

  2. that sounds like an amazing day! sound like an amazing mom! I totally understand the simple pleasures in everything you described - from quick unplanned visit to a friends to a ride on a bike and being victorious over a day without snacks (:

  3. Sounds like a great day, especially the shopping at Gap :) Some times its nice not having an specific plans & just going with the flow


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