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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Aspen's closest little buddies are moving this summer. Not very far, but when friends go from around the corner to anywhere else, it's far enough.

We got to have them over last week for just a little while and I may have prompted them all to get in the hammock together. And then I got my camera. And then I took about 20 photos. And then I tried not to cry.

After the hammock, they decided they needed a change of venue so I could keep taking photos. They settled on the kiddie table and without a word from me decided to bless their imaginary food. That's how you know these kids are Mormon.

I about died laughing. Which was good because, remember? Otherwise I was going to cry. These friends have been with Aspen since she was a teeny little 7 week old baby. Zjani graciously watched Aspen every single week (and then some) while I taught a class on Monday afternoons for about 18 months. There was even a night when Kev forgot I was subbing a class at 845pm and he was in SLC while I freaked out about what to do with Aspen. Cue Zjani coming to my rescue and watching my kid while hers were already in bed. Did I mention I gave her about 15 minutes' notice? Yeah.

In return, I got to have her children over at my house at least once a week as well. Yes, there were times when Aspen was nursing and Konner got into mischief. Yes, there were times I felt too tired to have three kids for a few hours. But it was all worth it because they light up when they see each other.

It was always such a relief to know there was a place Aspen could go and feel loved when I needed to do something without hauling her with me. We're lucky to have so many friends willing and able to take Aspen for me on various occasions. Not having family nearby can sometimes be overwhelming for me, so other options are a must. We couldn't have picked a better arrangement.

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  1. I am so glad that Aspen has such good friends and so do you. I sure need to find an arrangment such as this. I never have my kids watched. It is very rare and pretty much only for date nights. So I need to find friends with kids so Jesse can play. :)


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