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Friday, May 18, 2012

Hold off buying your season passes.

We had just a couple of hiccups with the pool opening this week.
First... blowing it up. Holy cow. I forgot that I can't manually fill that pool with my own lungs. It. Is. Impossible. Thankfully it was lunch time so I distracted Aspen from the let-down by giving her some chicken nuggets and a cookie.

I let the automatic pump charge for just long enough to get one chamber of the pool filled almost all the way. And then I almost passed out filling it the rest of the way. Phew!

Once we got into the pool, it was smooth sailing. Until... a GEN-U-INE poop explosion.

I've never had so much trouble getting a kid out of a diaper before. I mean, first of all, I couldn't actually step into the pool to retrieve Aspen. That was problem number one. Problem number two was carrying her squirmy, wet, screaming body into the house. Then we faced problem number three, which was actually wiping up the mess and getting clean clothes on. Imagine all this to cries of "OUTSIDE!! POOOOOOL!!"

A fourth problem was of my own making; I let Aspen play in the pool before nap time. So no matter what, she was going to have to exit the pool for the fun and excitement of her crib. Wee!

With the help of her special "Little & Penny" book, I did get Aspen snuggled in for a nap. Which freed me up to clean poop out of the pool. Totally awesome! At least I hadn't yet taken a shower.


  1. I love it! Thanks for the giggles. I can't wait to set up our pool and I too cannot blow it manually. I would die with my asthamtic lungs. LOL

  2. haha, that sounds like a great season opener for the pool. Hopefully that is not what it will be like all summer.


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