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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life can be a dream, sweetheart.

After church, naps, (a surprise visit from Seth) and dinner, the whole family retired to the backyard at the Pink House for some reading, hammocking, and general merriment.
Sounding out the big words
Aspen loves books so much. When she was in bed later that night Kev and I watched a program on how horrible America's educational system is. It makes me scared for when she's in school. I hope we can afford a Charter school, and that we can make it past the waiting lists those kinds of schools usually have. I'm not wasting all these hours of book reading now just for her to decide later learning is lame!
Aspen discovered she can walk across Daddy's back without falling down and breaking both of their heads open. Although, whenever she plopped onto the grass, she did yell "SORRY GRASS!" every time.

Trying to escape
Sunday was basically spectacular. Seth stopped by at the tail-end of Aspen's nap, so we all stood around her crib like a bunch of stalkers and then woke her up. She was so excited to see Seth and maybe more excited to see his dog, Samson. It was hard to convince her to get out of Seth's truck when it came time to leave. She loves playing in it. There may have been some bribing with cookies.

I'm so glad when we have days like these.


  1. I really wish my whole family was home on Sunday's. That is my least favorite day of the week because I don't see Andrew for most of the day and church is hard witht the boys. :) However, we make it through each and every Sunday.

  2. Polly the Polar Bear is also a favorite around here! I love Chick-fil-a!

  3. Hey, just so you know, charter schools are actually still under the public school system and are generally free. Private schools are the ones that charge an arm and a leg.

  4. She's a cutie.

    Anonymous is right, by the way — charter schools don't charge extra. But, when you get to that point, ask me if you want my opinion on most charter schools in Utah. It's not a good one. She'd probably do better in a regular neighborhood school so long as she has a decent teacher and parents who help at home. The charter schools up here indoctrinate the kids with some pretty conservative/religious stuff. And I've seen statewide scores ... most charter schools are, on average, lower than their public school counterparts.


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