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Monday, May 07, 2012

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

Thanks to Emilie, I went to City Creek last week! This is a big deal because I honestly thought I'd never make it until Aspen went to college. I'm so high-strung that traveling alone with Aspen stressssses me out to the max. I didn't think I could handle driving to SLC by myself, shopping by myself, and then driving home by myself.
But, with back up, we made the drive, we survived the shopping, and we got home in one piece. It was so helpful to have an extra set of hands with Aspen.

I was able to return a skirt at H&M (Kev said it was maybe just a little way too tight) and exchange it for some tops while Em picked up some "second interview" items. We enjoyed walking around the mall a bit, and Aspen really enjoyed all the water features. She was definitely too scared to touch them, but looking at them was fun enough.

I didn't realize they also have an indoor play place, and we were able to let Aspen run around there for a few minutes as well.

The only thing that could have made the day better is if we'd had more time to visit J.Crew. I wanted to get Aspen home around nap time so we had to cut the shopping short. Plus, she does not do well in clothing stores. It's like a Pavlovian reflex for her: walk in store = time to freak out.

I love when Aspen and I have these kinds of days. It's nice to get outside and enjoy what Utah has to offer beyond our usual routine. And it's always a treat to spend time with great friends. Hopefully the husbands can come with us another time so Em and I can slip into J.Crew to lust after their new items. Have you seen the new Anchor Dress that I can't afford?!

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  1. So glad you finally were able to go. Bailee loves the kiddie area where the food court is, its WAY cooler than the one at Newgate mall.


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