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Monday, May 28, 2012

Penny for your thoughts, month 22

Hey Penny!

So yeah. Last month I thought you were 22 months. I have no idea how old you really are. At least I remember to feed you!

Also, I'm glad April is behind is. So far behind us I can no longer see it in the rear view mirror. I've gathered that you felt sick the entire month and that is why you threw nonstop tantrums. We're mostly over that now. Which is so nice because I was thisclose to giving you to a better family.

At this stage, you're talking almost non-stop. And not just jabbering; we're getting full sentences from you. I don't understand who taught you to talk so much. I am certainly not responsible for that. One evening while I was teaching Yoga, you and Daddy were in the front yard playing. When Daddy walked toward the street to adjust the sprinkler, Emilie heard you yell "DADDY COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" from across the street. I'm so glad you're learning that we don't go near the road. EVER. You also like to find something you think Maddie will like and then proceed to holler for her until she decides to investigate. It's great that you two get along so much better again.

Now that our summer has basically started, we spend a lot of time outside every day. We get to enjoy the kiddie pool, walks to the water, walks in the neighborhood, and play time at the park. Mama just got a bike trailer from the other Taylors (Thanks Kev and SueAnn) and you literally scream for it because you love riding in it so much. I love that it's not only great exercise for the grownups, but a good time for you. It also helps that Mama can't really hear if you're complaining when we're zooming down the parkway.

You're perfecting your climbing skills and enjoying the pillow mountains and forts we build together in the living room. This month, you figured out how to use the ottoman in Mama's room to climb onto the bed. You like to perch there and watch Craig and Oscar work on the shed in the backyard. Also, the way you pronounce "Oscar" is tooooo cute. I worry you'll soon put your climbing to use in your crib though, and we'll soon have to switch it to a daybed to prevent brain damage.

Meal times are going pretty well, and your favorite part of lunch is the cookie. Sometimes we make it through our food together before you realize you haven't had one yet. Other times you just hold the cookie in one hand until you're done with the "real" food on your plate. And then you devour that Oreo.

Speaking of "devour..." Caillou is your absolute most favorite best thing in the world. I actually caught you LICKING THE TV one morning when Caillou was on. Mama almost died. You just love some Caillou first thing in the morning. And in the afternoon. And before bed. We're trying to keep it to one solid hour of Caillou per day because his voice is so annoying I want to pull my ears off my head. But hey, whatever.

Lately you're more of a joy than a trial, which says a lot about how Mama is growing with you. You're happy to say "I WUV YOU" and to sing the ABCs on command. We WUV you too, Henny Penny.


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  1. So cute! I'm sure she will just laugh and laugh and laugh when she is older and reading this :)


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