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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Queen of Sheba

Maddie takes her sunbathing very seriously. She cannot just lay on the grass, oh no. She must lay on a hot surface to maximize her exposure to both heat and UVA/UVB rays.

After putting Aspen down for her nap and getting the home-made bagels in the oven, I went into my room to put a dish towel in the laundry basket. As I walked into my room, I noticed two little black ears visible through my window. Which meant Maddie was no longer on the ground, where four-legged creatures belong.

So I peek out my window and see that Maddie has in fact jumped onto the patio table and is sunning herself without a care in the world. She didn't even pay heed to my camera clicking when I took her photo. She must be taking tips from my brother's dog, Samson, who refuses to lay down even on CARPET. That dog must have a blanket or a couch under his butt for him to consider relaxing.

Oh, Maddie. This was cute enough for me to forgive you for ripping open the trash bag I stupidly left outside earlier that day.

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