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Monday, May 14, 2012

Slathered in sunscreen.

Last week I embraced summer. Aspen and I took Maddie to get her nails done (and look at all the FISHBIRDSKITTIES!! at the pet store) and then spent the rest of pre-nap time outside. We tried out a new park (where I'm glad my car wasn't stolen because I LEFT THE KEYS IN THE IGNITION!!) and then settled into the backyard.

Oh um, yes. Aspen is nearly naked because I tried to play a game that Kev described to me and I did it wrong (turns out you just put a ball in the apple tree so Aspen can poke it with a broom handle) so she had a meltdown and I calmed her down by letting her pour a cup of water all over herself. So. Then we had to take off her dress and let her run around in nothing but sunscreen and a diaper, naturally.
Spending time outside (nearly naked) is great for so many reasons. ONE) we're not inside; TWO) we're not watching TV; THREE) the dog is less annoying when she's roaming free outside; FOUR) there are swings outside; FIVE) sunshine makes baby tired.

Can't wait to fill up the kiddie pool. Then we're going to "swim" every day. I'm sure it won't be annoying at all.

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  1. I love your posts. You and Aspen are just adorable together. I love that you two are the best of friends.


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