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Thursday, May 24, 2012

That time Aspen's legs were broken when we visited Union Station.

Funny thing, isn't it? Toddlers always want to walk when they can't, and be held when they should be RUNNING AROUND LIKE CRAZY EXPLORING COOL TRAINS.

We went to Union Station last week when Kev took a special day off to celebrate my birthday/Mother's/Father's Day. Do you like the new holiday we invented? If it means Kev is home randomly in the middle of the week, then I sure do!
Aspen's been very interested in lots of things lately, like oh, y'know... TRAINS. When we were in Roy to visit Nikki and Eva, we got stopped at the tracks by a passing train. And the following week we got stopped again in Ogden as a train crossed 12th St. I'm glad her obsession reminded me of the Groupon I bought for the Union Station. It was set to expire in June, so we needed to use it.

Aspen really wanted Kev to run her around the museum to follow the model trains as they whizzed through different exhibits. Needless to say, she was pretty pissssssed when we told her it was time to move on. Thankfully, they found this ghetto train table tucked in the back of one of the rooms. Not creepy at all!

Would you like to guess how long Aspen and Kev sat at the fountain before Aspen took her shoes off and stuck her feet in? Hmmm. About three minutes. Not bad at all.

It was nice to get all three of us in for only $5, especially since I made us leave later than I had originally planned which meant we dipped into Aspen's regular lunch time and she turned into a little gremlin whenever we tried to switch activities. At least in the future I can take her to the train yard for free to check out the engines/cabooses/etc to get her fix.

I was glad there was a curator available to show us not only the infirmary car, but the mail car as well. So cool. And Aspen did actually walk around the inside of those trains without crying. She thought the potties and bunk beds were neato. Can you guess which of the two she tried to climb into? Here's a hint: it wasn't a bunk bed.


  1. haha, that sounds like such a fun day, even if someone was a little grumpy.

  2. well at least she got to get her feet wet ;) haha. also, i love your outfit! so cute

  3. love your red pants! you look gorgeous!!

    and aspen is so darling in her swimsuit, what a cutie!!


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