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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cat's outta the bag!

Kev got a new job.


Okay, yes, we were so fortunate that he got a job when Aspen was born, but we've been unfortunate that he sometimes works over 100 hours per pay period and doesn't get paid any overtime for that. It's been a strain to have him gone all that time without the financial benefit.

Here's the thing about the new job, though. It's not in Ogden. So we have 90 days to move.

90 days to get our Pink House cleared out and cleaned up (we hope to rent it) and find a new place to live in South Salt Lake.

You guys. I have lived in Ogden the last 10 years. That's the longest I have ever consecutively lived anywhere. This is my home. This is where I met Kev. This is where we bought a house together. This is where we had our baby girl. This is where we live.

So I have to let go of the emotions tied to the people and city of Ogden. I have to drive away form this Pink House and live somewhere else. Somewhere with better and different opportunities for our family. I have to just let go.

The good news is that we will probably be living in the same city as my older brother! And I'll be minutes away from two friends I've known since I was 12. We can relive all those embarrassing BSB/NSYNC/Leonardo DiCaprio days in person instead of just through the blog.

It's still so hard. And I'm going to let myself feel sad about it every now and then in between feeling excited to start something new.


  1. So exciting and great about kevins new job! Good luck with the move, finding a new place etc. hopefully we will see you lots more before you move at dt & tree house :-)

  2. So exciting! That is alot of hours to work without getting paid extra for it. I hope to be able to move in a year or two. Hopefully for the same reasons and I too will be sad, but happy. Best of luck in looking for a new house and congrats on the new job to Kev.

  3. That's so exciting!!!! But bittersweet. My married life has definitely been full of some bittersweet adventures. Let yourself cry and be excited at the same time! :)

  4. That's so exciting and wonderful even though Its hard leaving Ogden. I miss it sometimes being only 8 miles away. But you guys will rock your new hometown and I'm so glad you aren't moving far! Gl with everything.


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