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Friday, June 29, 2012

Discovering dance at discovery time.

On Tuesday we went to our last Discovery Time in Ogden. I've been telling Aspen we're going to find a new library, but all she gets out of that conversation is "Deb?" Deb is the teacher at the main library's DT so I guess she just wants me to understand that Deb is at the library and that is that.

It took a few weeks for Aspen to warm up at DT, but lately she's all over it. She'll sit on the floor with the other kids while Deb reads, and she'll follow Deb around if they're fluttering like butterflies or hopping like frogs. She now knows most of the songs and happily sings along by herself at this point. Just in time for us to move and start all over again.

Her nursery leaders told us that this week she did the best she's ever done; absolutely no crying or fussing for the two hours she was in their class. So I guess it takes Aspen about 6 months to get acclimated. Good thing we have a 6 month lease at our new place!

No. Seriously. I'm so glad we've had these activities available to us, and that we've made many good friends and learned so much. I've checked out the libraries near our rental in WJ and it looks like I'm going to have to sneak into a little-kid story time... the website says it's for children 24 months and younger. Or maybe we'll enjoy it for one month and then figure out what they have available to older kids.

Whatever we find, I'm sure it'll be fun to explore a new city and to meet new little friends.


  1. What exactly is DT? I need to find some more activities for the boys that are free. If you would be willing to feel me in we would all appreciate it. :)

  2. Discovery Time at the library is awesome. It's a free half hour of fun stuff in the basement of the Jefferson lib every Tues for 7 weeks at a time. I used to go to the 1030a class, but I think there's one at 1130 too. If that day doesn't work for you, check out the website for the other locations. The North Branch might do them on Thursdays.

    Deb leads the class and they sing songs, read a book or two, and play with musical instruments or scarves or learn a dance to a rhyme. It's really fun!

  3. BTW: I would love to take credit for that pillow, but I cannot. I ordered it online. I also ordered a family tree that this lady hand crafts. I love it!

  4. Discovery time is so fun & Deb does an awesome job at it. Glad we were able to see you there :) Hope Aspen adjusts to her new nursery & library ok. Even when I take Bailee to a DT on a different day she never warms up to it.

  5. im jealous of your eminent new adventure! how fun to meet new friends and see new places!


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