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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feeling overwhelmed

I'm spending the morning teaching my last Yoga class in Ogden and then Kev and I will tackle the task of packing up the entire PH with the exception of beds. And toilet paper.

It's a little overwhelming, but thankfully I've done some packing already. I went through my shoes on Saturday and that made the move feel real. Only having one lonely pair staring at me from my walk-in closet helped me realize that soon I'll have to stuff all my shoes in storage bins under my bed since I'm saying goodbye to the custom shelves Kev and Jon built for me.

But it's all good. We have a whole day to pack and pack and pack some more. And after we move everything to West Jordan on Thursday, we'll be back in Ogden on Friday night. Saturday we're having a moving sale at the Pink House and getting the carpets cleaned. So it's not really good-bye. At least not yet!

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  1. Sounds like you have been so busy. You must be exhausted. I hope you are coping well with the move. I am sure it is emotionally and physically draining. Hope you found a good place to move to. I keep waiting to hear about Kev's new job. That's why you are moving, right? Where will he be working?

    We will miss you even though we never see you. I think about offering to watch Aspen all the time, and I am sorry I have never actually offered.

    Change is fun and exciting. Cameron and I look forward to the day when we will move out of Ogden, but I know I will be a mess when that day actually comes. It will be so hard to leave friends and family. So glad you will have family closer. It will make things so much easier. Good luck!


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