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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Forest playdate

CBear showing me how he smiles
On the Saturday we spent in Maine, Aspen and I made plans to meet up with an old high school friend while Kev went rock climbing with my step dad.

Let me just say that I never thought I'd ever bring my daughter back to my high school house and have her sleep in my old room, let alone make play dates with my former classmates. It's surreal to watch Aspen play at my old school, walk the streets of my town, and play with the children of people I went to school with ten years ago. I love it though!

We met up with Megan, Justin and their little Bear and were surprised with an early birthday present for Aspen. How's that for a treat?! I was surprised at how quickly Aspen warmed up and helped herself not only to Bear's toys, but to his bowl of Goldfish crackers as well. It's possible that seeing her friends on SproutTV helped with that a little... my parents don't have cable, so Aspen had previously gone about 3 days without TV until she saw one in Gymboree and practically went into a coma. So seeing TV again at Bear's house probably felt a little like coming home.

The kids played so well with the toys (and with Justin!) that Megan and I could actually sit down and have a normal-volume conversation with each other. Minimal interruptions, no screaming, but lots of laughing. IT WAS SO NICE. And Aspen even loved the drive to and from their house; it was dotted with farms, and lots of boats on people's front lawns (getting ready for the season!). It was the perfect start to our day to visit with friends.

When we got home, we enjoyed lunch with my Grandpa since everyone else was still out and about. It was so funny to be making sandwiches for both Vito and Aspen together in my mom's kitchen.


  1. What cuties. Love the little guys shirt. My jesse loves tractors.

  2. Haha kinda funny reading that second paragraph about taking Aspen back to your high school house, old room etc. looks like she had fun!


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