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Monday, June 11, 2012

Freeport Family Fun Time!

Maine is two hours later than Utah, so I worried a little about transitioning through the time change. Last year, it wasn't an issue because we arrived so late in the night. This year though, we landed around 6pm EST. That meant it was only 4pm in Utah.

We kept Aspen busy and fed her some snacks when we got to my parents and just kept her entertained with lots of new-to-her toys. Since she bathed at Seth's the day before, we weren't going to mess with a bath that first night (they sometimes lead to meltdowns before bed anyway). To help ease the pain of the time change, we didn't attempt bed time until around 9pm. I hoped that since she'd gotten up almost 3 hours earlier than usual, she wouldn't put up much of a fight with an early bed time.

Never fear, because Grandma and Grandpa's house is magic! I actually had to wake Aspen up the next morning so she wouldn't sleep past 9am EST. And it was smooth sailing the entire time from there. Every day she was more delightful than I could have hoped, despite the slight changes to schedule and the lack of over-processed chicken nuggets. This little baby girl actually ate chinese food with the rest of the family the second day of our vacation. Look at her, already broadening her horizons!

Since my mom had to work the day after we arrived, Emily was at the house to help with my Grandpa (since his hip surgery he isn't allowed to walk around on his own and he needs someone to remind him of that). In the morning we went to Winslow Park to show Aspen the beach. Last year it didn't leave much of an impression on her...

Kev, being the awesome explorer that he is, found a dead jelly fish on the sand and inadvertently taught Aspen how to poke it with a stick. After that I decided it was time to work out way to the safety of the playground.

Ahoy! No jelly fish here, thankyouverymuch.

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