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Monday, June 11, 2012

Here I go, I'M ON A PLANE!

For the first of June, we took a vacation! A real family vacation. My parents hosted us at their house in Maine, and we spent 10 glorious days (8 of them rainy) on the East coast. It was a wonderful trip and I'm so grateful we were able to arrange it. However, preparing for a 12-hour day of travel is way worse than an actual 12-hour day of travel.

I probably spent a week making comprehensive lists (one for my purse, one for my carry-on bag, one for my checked bag, and one for Emilie while she house sat) so I wouldn't forget anything. I agonized over how to pack in order to maximize space while keeping the baggage light. I had a few hilarious minutes trying to convince Aspen that the moby wrap is not a monster and then gave up and decided we'd be bringing the stroller with us.

The day we were supposed to leave for Salt Lake (to stay at Seth's overnight before our morning flight) we were delayed by an hour. I sat, fuming, on the couch while waiting for everything to get cleared up. I don't know why I made it such a big deal, but all I could think about was getting to Seth's early enough to bathe Aspen and put her to bed so we could try to get a good night's rest before getting up at 6am and hustling to the airport.

Don' t you think that stress breeds more stress? Everything was going fine, but because I was worried so much, little things kept happening. We were so late getting to the airport in the morning that we never even sat at the gate. We had checked in online and prepaid for our bags (THANK YOU, DELTA AIRLINES!) so we practically threw them at the front counter, then raced to the security lines, then raced to the terminal, then boarded the plane.

And Aspen was angelic the entire day. On our first flight (4 hours), a saintly flight attendant moved a man from our row of three seats so he wouldn't have to sit next to a fidgety toddler. Everyone was pretty happy with this situation. Aspen got to sit on Kev's lap and look out the window for a while before diving into the bag of toys and activities I'd brought as my carry on. She read books, played with silly putty, colored, and unsuccessfully tried to watch Caillou on my iPod (she hated wearing headphones). She didn't fuss, she didn't try to escape, and she didn't drive anyone crazy. It was a great flight.

I purposefully scheduled flights with short layovers, and we had just enough time during our connection to get through the gigantic Detroit airport and sit for a while watching planes. Aspen loved the tram at the airport, which marks the first time she's ridden on a real train. Also, the underground tunnel in Detroit is amazing; it has soft, colored lights that change with music. Such a great distraction while she was strapped in her stroller.

The second leg of our journey was pure bliss. Aspen laid across my lap and Kev's almost as soon as we boarded. It was nap time and she knew it. She wiggled and played with her blanket before we took off, and once in the air the roar of the little engines helped her find sleep. She stayed passed out most of the flight so Kev could doze as well and I could read. I was so thankful she got the rest she needed so we could enjoy ourselves once we got to Portland.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful flight experience! I was the exact same as you before taking Makai on that first flight- lists, stress upon stress, reading up on all the blogs about what to take, planning on him just becoming a little devil the second he steps onto the airplane, etc. Then he was an angel the entire time. In fact, after having him on 8 different planes at this point he's only been naughty once. And that was really bad and I was all alone so it sucked big time. But even that only lasted for about a half hour before he fell asleep (thank heavens!). :)
    Isn't the Detroit airport awesome?!?! I was so impressed with it too albeit it's hugeness. I'm excited to read about your fabulous trip to Maine!

  2. I was so impressed with Aspen. Although, last year when I flew alone with her she did amazing too. But that was so different! She couldn't walk yet, and she was still nursing so I could easily soothe her to sleep.


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