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Monday, June 18, 2012

Home again, home again jiggity jig.

YES, I'M ALMOST DONE TALKING ABOUT MY VACATION. It was a long ten days, okay? Just be glad I doubled up posts so this doesn't drag out for the rest of June.

Aspen loved staying in my sister's room (which is actually my old room) and especially loved the movie chairs, in which we read stories every night before bed. She eventually caught on that she could sit in one by herself, and refused to lap-sit for the rest of the vacation. Who cares if they folded her in half and apparently gave her owies in her hips? Not Aspen!

And speaking of lap-sitting... on the flight home I worried Aspen wouldn't be as angelic as the flights in. I hadn't been able to schedule them around her nap time, so we did face a little hyperactivity during our layover in Atlanta. Also, I stupidly ate a chunk of a bagel which apparently had milk/lactose in it and made me sick on the final leg of our journey.

Regardless of me using the barf bag to full capacity, Aspen was awesome. She had trouble falling asleep, but we resorted to the tried and true method of laying her down and jiggling her head until she gave in. We only got about an hour of rest from her, but she was still pleasant and excited about flying to Uncle Seth's house. She kept looking at the window, asking "where is it? Where's Aspen's Bumbo?" (Bumbo took a little vacation for about a month while Leilani borrowed it before moving. Now that Bumbo is back in her life, we use it at Uncle Seth's as a booster seat and she is obsessed with knowing its whereabouts at all times). While flying somewhere over Colorado, Kev asked Aspen if she could see Uncle Seth's house, and that translated into being able to see the Bumbo.

I'm so grateful Aspen was easily entertained so Kev (who was sick with a sore throat and swollen tonsils) could handle her while I threw up a lot. And once we arrived at the airport, Aspen was freakin excited to see Seth pull up curbside to take us to his house. She tried to get out of her stroller while screaming "UNCLE SETH!!" like she was so psyched she knew that guy. She even transitioned perfectly back to Utah time and didn't miss a beat going to bed a little late and getting up like normal the next morning.

This vacation was just that- a vacation. We all took breaks from what we usually do; we all ate extra-delicious food, shopped at the crazy-discounted outlets, and spent more time together than usual. I still have some other tidbits to share, but I'll slow it down a little so I can keep up with current happenings in our lives.

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  1. Thats so great you spent 10 days with your family! Too cute about the bumbo. I got it out for Layla & I couldnt believe how well Bailee can fit in it too still lol. So sorry you got sick that sounds miserable. Glad Kevin was able to entertain & take care of Aspen.


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