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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Life Well Lived and an iPod Touch giveaway!

BlogHer asked me to share my fashion, style and beauty resources with my readers this week, and it kind of stumped me. I mean, I know what brands I like, and I tend to stick with them, but why are those my trusted go-tos in the first place?

I often turn to online resources for inspiration, specifically blogs like Nat the Fat Rat (who's an admitted Forever21 lover) or even just emails from my favorite brands like GAP, Banana Republic or J. Crew. True, I usually can't afford to buy their clothes, but I can copy their looks with pieces from other stores (or I can visit my parents in Freeport and shop the outlets till I drop).

For beauty, I often discuss products with friends. A few years ago some girls I worked with turned me on to BareMinerals make up, and I've stuck with it ever since. I always want to talk with people I know about makeup before committing to slathering it all over my face. Especially if it isn't just $7 CoverGirl mascara.

What about you? Who or what serves as inspiration when it comes to your look? You can read more about this topic by clicking here. And you can enter the Life Well Lived sweepstakes by clicking here (when you comment, you'll be entered to win an iPod Touch).


  1. I am enjoying reading "Your Story". Had to let you know because I don't believe in stalking in secret! Ha ha

  2. I might have to look in BareMinerals. It seems that everyone who tries it love it. I bought some foundation from Lush that I absolutely love and I think I will stick with.
    As far as fashion goes all the women in my ward are so fashionable I am always trying to keep up. It can get exhausting! I really like fashion blogs from Lds Moms.
    I am also enjoying reading your story.

  3. My only complaint with BareMinerals is when my skin is dry, the make up accentuates that. So use a good moisturizer.


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