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Friday, June 15, 2012

Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad

Aspen still likes trains, so it isn't a fad that went out of style in ten minutes. We capitalized on it and Gail took us to the Narrow Gauge RR in Portland so we could enjoy a quick ride and the beautiful harbor scenery.

There's a museum with old train cars you can walk through, as well as the ever-popular train table. My Grandpa has loved trains since as far back as he can remember (when he was 5 and in a daycare near the tracks) so he enjoyed being able to share this day with us. And Aspen enjoyed hitching a ride on his walker.

It was, thankfully, one of the days without constant rain during our vacation. It couldn't have been more beautiful. The walking trail runs alongside the tracks, so we got to wave at a lot of people who were out, enjoying some fresh air by the coast.

I often think I could live without the ocean, but then I see it and miss it. I also think how nice it'd be to spend a few afternoons every week at the beach with Aspen instead of just in our own backyard during the summer. Sitting on a towel watching her play in the sand would be so much more rewarding than hiking the mountains with her. But that's just because I'm a lazy parent.

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