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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Penny for your thoughts, month 23

Henny Penny!

I've been talking to you about moving to the "new house" for a few days and I think it's confusing you. Outside in the backyard I told you we'd bring you Tinkerbell blanket and all your books to a new house where we would take baths and see Uncle Seth and your cousins a lot more. You pointed to the Pink House and said "Aspen's house not moving!" Yeah... hopefully you'll figure it all out when you're sleeping somewhere else tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the day after that.

This month has been so busy what with our vacation the first week and now moving at the tail-end. We've also tried to hit up our usual activities and see lots of our friends too. We got to have Konner and Kayla over one last time before they officially moved, and I'm so glad we ventured to the Library with them. You all had so much fun sitting together in the back of the car, yelling about the windows (window up! window down!). And then we did lunch and bubbles at the Pink House as a final send off. I'm so glad you've had such wonderful friends here.

Your vocabulary and grasp of language still astounds me. When I put you down for naps I usually ask what you'd like to do when you get up. Over the weekend, you said you wanted to take a bath at Emmy's house. So when you woke up we had dinner (a chocolate shake... don't hate!) and went across the street for one last bath at your favorite neighbor's house. When you were all done and in your diaper, Em asked if you'd like to put your pajamas on and you yelled "NOT YET!" I think most 2-year-olds just yell "NO!" so I was pretty impressed you instead bargained for more time.

playing in the "sand box" at Uncle Seth's house
Since it has been so hot the last couple of weeks, we spend a lot of time in the sprinklers after dinner. It is such a good time! We just sit and get soaked or play in puddles or sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" as we watch the bugs crawl out of the garden to avoid getting wet. The nights that Daddy is free to join us are the best ones.

Aspen, the hardest part about leaving the Pink House and Ogden is letting go of how special it is in relation to you. This is where you were born. This is the house we made ready for you. It's where you learned to walk and talk and play. This is where you have made beautiful friendships, and where I have learned how to be a mother. The people here buoyed me up when I didn't know what else to do. Our friends here have held you and fed you and taught you and loved you. The parkway by our house is where I walked and walked and walked when you were a newborn and I needed to get outside and talk to other moms. I know there will be more friends and more memories, but that doesn't make it any easier to leave the first two years of your life behind.

I will forever love Ogden because it is the place I found myself and where you found us, your Mama and Daddy.

Also, I will forever love YOU. Let's make some new memories in our new house.



  1. Such a cute girl! I hope everything goes smoothly for you with the move. Glad we saw you last week at DT :) I never even thought about me being sad if we moved but it made me stop & think when you mentioned your pink house & ogden in relation to Aspen.

  2. I felt similar feelings when we left Ogden. Eva was about 17 months old. I still miss that condo because that's where she was a baby. But like you said, they are still them, and you will make new memories. Ah, being a mom really takes your entire heart, doesn't it?


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