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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The sandbox, and the fish at LLBean

After some time at the Winslow waterfront and beach, we headed home for lunch and some time in the sandbox (which my Grandpa made for my siblings and me when we were little) and Emily was nice enough to offer us some free time and keep an ear out for Aspen during her nap so Kev and I could walk into town and do some shopping. It was glorious to be in a store without a stroller or the unhappy kid who's usually stuck in it. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike shopping with Aspen? She hates it because it's obviously super boring. So that makes it really UNfun for me to take her with me.


After nap, we stuffed ourselves with the aforementioned chinese food and then sought out the giant LLBean boot. Aspen saw photos of it in the book I made of our last visit, and she developed a bit of an obsession. Like, so bad that while still in Utah, I had to look up more photos online so she'd stop asking about it. Needless to say, the boot was a hit.

Inside LLBean, there's a newer fish tank with a plastic bubble that you can crawl into to observe the fish from inside. Aspen was terrified, but once Kev shoved her in against her will, she realized it's not scary. Aren't we such compassionate parents? Seriously though, she would miss a lot of fun stuff if we didn't force her to just try it.

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  1. Love the pictures (and your blog heading pictures too). So cute!


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