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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thoughts on moving.

It's possible that yesterday I cried a lot while putting Aspen to bed. So much, in fact, that she offered her beloved Tinkerbell blanket to me to wipe my face.

We settled on a rental last night and the reality of everything just felt so heavy on my shoulders. I think we're making the right decision by renting a twin home from a good friend, but that doesn't make it any easier to leave our current home and the people we love in Ogden.

I'm grateful we'll have a fenced in yard and a garage at the new house. I'm grateful it has 1.5 baths and large bedrooms. The neighborhood is quiet and close to a playground. We have a six month lease with a month-to-month option following that initial period.

As things got more and more complicated with different apartment complexes and possible property management jobs for me, I started thinking that maybe it isn't just a coincidence that our friend's rental became available exactly when we were hoping to move. Even though there will be some compromises (the kitchen is ridiculously small and the backyard is deader than dead) it will be better than a top-floor apartment with no access to a yard for Maddie. It will be better than a mid-level apartment with neighbors stomping above us. It will be better than looking for parking in a large complex and having a lot of our things in a storage unit.

It's just... the twin home is in West Jordan. It feels so far away. And every time I type "West Jordan" in a text message, auto-correct first gives me "Korea" as an option. That makes it feel ever farther! I might as well be moving to the real Korea!

So, while helping Aspen say some bedtime prayers last night I was going over some of the things we were glad to experience yesterday and I started bawling. I was thankful we went to playgroup to spend time outside with dear neighbors and their kids. I was thankful Miss Meliss came over and watched Aspen while I subbed a Yoga class in the afternoon. I was thankful that today, Emilie and her mom were planning to take Aspen for me in the morning while I attended a meeting. That's what started all the crying.

How am I supposed to leave these people? These wonderful people who have uplifted me and taught me and cared for my daughter? I can't stand it.


  1. For both of our sanity, we should make it a point to get together at least once a week. We could trade off houses too.

  2. Moving is hard. There are so many great people in that area!

  3. :( :( :(

    SOOOO relieved and happy to read about this house though!

  4. Change is hard, but with change brings new experiences for us to learn and grow as people. It will be hard to leave, but you will make new friends, find trustworthy people to leave your daughter with and the best part...All the people of Ogden will still be here and love a visit! I think that I will feel the same way when we move. Andrew either wants to move about 45 minutes away or into another state.


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